Mark the lines for the gift card holder on the back of a piece of green cardstock using the template as a guide.


Use a scoring tool such as a small embossing ball tool to score the fold lines then cut out the gift card holder.


Cut an approximately 3mm-wide slit in the centre line of the gift card holder using a craft knife, leaving at least 2cm uncut at either end of the line.


Fold the gift card holder along the centre line and use a circle punch to punch a semicircle from the centre of the fold.


Concertina-fold the gift card holder and adhere the bottom edges of the centre panels together, making sure you leave room for the gift card to sit in the slot.


Add twine and a stamped sentiment to the central panel, then add layers of cardstock with holly leaves cut from watercoloured cardstock and painted. Add buttons to the holly leaves to finish.