The world has gone Stretch-crazy! And we're no different. We decided to share another pattern hack for the Frankie T-shirt taken from Tilly and The Buttons' new book Stretch. Do you fancy turning your Frankie tee into a sporty v-neck version with rolled up cuffs? Follow this bonus tutorial alongside your magazine instructions and you'll create the perfect casual top.

Frankie T-Shirt Pattern Hack

For this project you'll need: The pattern templates downloaded from here. A copy of issue 50 of Love Sewing which is still available here.  


Use the applique technique shown in the magazine to add a sportswear-style V detail to the front neckline of your Frankie T-shirt. This project works best on good quality medium-weight cotton jersey  anything too lightweight can get chewed up under the stitching. Experiment with contrast colours or textures or if you're making the T-shirt in horizontal stripes, cut the triangle so the stripes run vertically. You'll also need some double-sided iron-on transfer adhesive, such as Bondaweb, to stabilize the triangle and hold it in place before stitching it. Remember! Its easiest to attach the V before sewing any of the T-shirt pieces together.  1. Cut out a small square of fabric about 15x15cm (6x6"), and cut the adhesive to the same shape. Follow the applique instructions to fuse the adhesive to the fabric. Use the Frankie V pattern piece (included on the pattern sheets) to cut the fused fabric into a small triangle, and snip the notch. 2. Fold the front bodice in half lengthways and snip a small notch at the neckline on the centre fold, before unfolding it. Peel the backing paper off the triangle, then carefully position the adhesive side of the triangle against the right side of the bodice, aligning the necklines and notches. Hold a hot, dry iron on top for a few seconds to fuse it in place. 3. Set your sewing machine to a short and wide zigzag stitch  1mm long by 45mm wide. Stitch down one side of the triangle, from the neckline to the bottom point  position the project so most of the zigzag is falling on the triangle, with one side of the zigzag overlapping the edge just a teeny bit to catch the garment fabric. Its worth practising this on a scrap of fabric first! 4. Repeat on the other side of the triangle, leaving the neckline unstitched. 5. Continue sewing the rest of the T-shirt following the instructions in the magazine.


Turn the baseball T-shirt into a cute short-sleeve summer top with turn-up cuffs. When choosing the fabric, bear in mind that the wrong side will show on the turn-up hems. Youll need 0.35m (3?8yd) of fabric for these sleeves, as well as the bodice and neckband fabric.  6. Cut the sleeves using the cap sleeve hemline, marked on the sleeve pattern. Cut the rest of the pieces as normal. Sew the top following the instructions but dont hem the sleeves yet. 7. Turn the raw edge of each sleeve hem up 1.5cm (5?8) to the outside of the top. Press. Turn the folds up another 1.5cm (5?8"), press again and pin them in place. Secure the turn-ups in place with hand or machine stitches at four points around the sleeve. 8. Your cute new T-shirt is done!

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Tilly and the Buttons: Stretch! By Tilly Walnes (Quadrille, 22.50)  Photography  Fashion Photography  Ellie Smith, Step Photography  Fanni Williams