How do hashtags work on instagram?

When you post a picture on instagram, you can add a text caption. Within this caption, if you add the # symbol at the beginning of any word, it will turn that word into a link, which will send you to a page full of every other post which has also used this tag.

So, when you're posting it's great to add a handful of relevant and descriptive tags to your post to help other folks find you. You can also search for these hashtags yourself to find inspiring posts on any theme you care to think of!

All images from the #TillyAndTheButtons tag on instagram

General Sewing Hashtags

Copy and paste these hashtags to add them to your sewing posts on instagram to help other people find you:

#sewingmakesmehappy #sewingisfun #sewn #sew #seamstresslife #lovesewing #sewistsofinstagram #sewingtutorial #sewingproject #sewersofinstagram #ThanksIMadeIt #IMadeIt #IMadeThis #IMakeMyOwnClothes #IMakeMyClothes

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Pattern and project themed hashtags

Your hashtags can also be quite specific - focussed just on one type of project, a specific pattern designer or even just one pattern. Check your pattern envelope to see if the designer included a hashtag to follow. Many brands check their own hashtags for photos to share, so this is an extra reason to use those tags! All Tilly and the Buttons patterns have their own hashtag and it's so great to explore all the versions people have made, especially if you can find sewists with a similar body shape to yourself.

#SewingZadie #TillyAndTheButtons

Community and group hashtags

There are also lots of more niche tags to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Check out the SewOver50 hashtag for a wonderful community of stylish sewists over 50 and CurvySewingCollective for plus size dressmaking inspiration. We love the SewInColour hashtag, which was kickstarted by Rumana of thelittlepomegranate to create a showcase for sewists of colour.

#SewOver50 #CurvySewingCollective #SewInColour

Fun sewing hashtags

If you fancy a bit of a giggle, there are some less serious hashtags too! We love the SewingSidekick tag where you can find folks who have shared pics of their furry helpers. For a little bit of eye candy, check out the SewingRoom tag for lots of pretty pictures and take a look at FabricShop for a bit of retail therapy.

#SewingSidekick #SewingRoom #FabricShop

I really hope you find this round-up useful! I'd love to know what other hashtags you like to follow on instagram - it's always lovely to find new folks who share your passion.

Happy sewing!

Betty x