Assemble the tools you need for Lettering

You can start lettering and even creating calligraphy with just a pencil but the results and effects you can create really open up with the right tools. In this video, I take a tour through the key tools you'll find useful, including large-tip and small-tip brush pens.

You can pick up an exclusive Brush Lettering Practice Kit from Pen Pusher put together specially for CraftWorld members. This comes with a selection of pens and lettering workbooks to help you get started.

Learn the Basics of Brush Markers with our Video Tutorial

In this video, I start with the basics and explain how to get started with your brush markers. By applying light pressure on your upstrokes and heavy pressure on your downstrokes, brush pens can be used to create the varying thick and thin strokes that characterise modern calligraphy script. Once you've mastered the basic strokes, there's no end to the beautiful creations you can make!

In this video, I use a Tombow ABT Dual Brush pen, which are available individually or in packs from Pen Pusher


Working with Lettering Templates

Hand lettering templates are a great way to kick-start a new project. In this video, I show you how to transfer these templates to your project as the starting point for your lettering. It's a fab way to get started!


Use Ink Transfer to Create Gradual Colour Changes in your Lettering

When using water-based brush markers, you can transfer colour from another pen or a water-based ink onto your nib to create a gradual change from one colour to another. In this video, I show you how it is done - it's super easy!

I use Ecoline brush pens and ink for this tutorial, both of which are available from Pen Pusher


Modern Calligraphy Emboss Technique

Combine your new lettering skills with cardmaking techniques to create amazing works of art! Did you know that embossing powder will really resist any water-based colour once dry and create a gorgeous calligraphy effect in your projects!


Here are just a selection of my favourite projects - you can scout the web for inspirational phrases to create your lettering projects with, or just practise the alphabet until you feel confident with your shaping! Remember than you can plot letters and elements out lightly using a pencil which can be removed at a later date! I adore doing metallic lettering, I think it's the most luxe artwork, closely followed by floral elements - both with watercolour of course!

If you're looking for pens, calligraphy supplies and helpful workbooks to learn and improve your lettering, head to Pen Pusher where you'll find a world of options to take you on your creative journey.


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