Stamp the image on a 6” square of cardstock, following the instructions on the pack and the Step-by-step guide below from step 6, alternating the colours each turn of the stamp.


Trim the finished image to 5” square and die cut a large circle from the centre.


Cut the circle die-cut into quarters and affix to the four corners of the card blank.


Affix the remaining frame back on top using 3D foam pads.


Stamp and die-cut the sentiment and affix in the centre using 3D foam pads.


Create the stamped frame by taping the 6” square background plate to the stamping press, position the stamp on the lid so that it sits perfectly on top, lift off the lid and use magnets to secure a 6” square of cardstock. Ink up the stamp on the lid, covering it completely.


Press the stamp on the cardstock, applying even pressure all over. Lift the cardstock and rotate 90 degrees before placing it back down in the same position. Secure with magnets again. Ink up the stamp and close the stamping press again, pressing down to get a second layer.


Rotate the cardstock again, ink up the stamp and press a third time, adding even more detail to the cardstock panel. Rotate until the panel is complete.