Join a CAL

Crochet-alongs (also known as CALs) are a great way to stretch yourself, learn new skills and meet fellow crocheters.

Try the Enigma Blanket CAL.



Explore African Flower Blocks

Have you ever made a project using African Flower Blocks? Their shape means you have almost endless options for assembling them into anything from blankets to birdies!

Find this pattern inside Crochet Gifts Issue 1



Conquer Cables

Cables may be more closely associated with knitting, but did you know that you can make cables in crochet too? This cosy coffee set has a classic pattern that will look gorgeous on your table!



Give Tapestry Crochet a Try

Create colourful crochet pieces with tapestry crochet! Simply follow a colourwork chart which tells you what shade to use for each stitch.

This pattern is featured in Crochet Society 36.



Add a Little Appliqué

Lift a simple design with crochet appliqué pieces! The best thing about this technique is that you can swap the appliqué designs to suit different moods and seasons. Find this pattern inside Crochet Gifts Issue 4.



Make It Personal

Go your own way and personalise your makes! This blanket from Crochet Now issue 86 features blank book spines which you can embroider with the names of your own favourite reads.



Try Your Hand at Tunisian

Open up a whole new world of possibilities with Tunisian crochet! If you want a little extra help learning this technique, check out Crochet Society Issue 35 - it comes with complete video tutorials for all the patterns, including this cosy hat.



Corner to Corner

Learn to crochet with bold colour designs using the corner-to-corner technique! If you haven't tried C2C crochet yet, you have to give it a go - you'll be blown away by how much fun it is. Find this tropical blanket in Crochet Now issue 83.



Watch & Learn

Do you sometimes struggle with paper patterns? Try following a video tutorial instead! Crochet Society patterns all include complete video tutorials showing every stitch for both right-handed and left-handed crocheters.



Brilliant Bobbles

Add extra dimension to your crochet makes with bobbles! We love this pattern from Crochet Now Issue 85 because it's so quick and fun to make!



Mindful Mandalas

Lots of us have discovered the mindful, meditative benefits of crochet. Mandala patterns take this concept one step further, with designs which are engaging, repetitive and soothing. Find this pattern and tutorial in Crochet Society 34.



Magical Mosaic

Mosaic crochet should come with a warning - once you start, you can't stop! There's nothing quite like it - with a combination of texture and colourwork, you can make some truly incredible pieces, like this blanket from Crochet Now 84.



Terrific Tassels

Elevate an easy pattern in minutes by simply adding some tassles using your left-over yarn! This half-granny shawl from Crochet Now 79 is a fabulous addition to any outfit.



Crochet With Characters

Have you ever crocheted something inspired by one of your favourite characters? This cosy Paddington cushion pattern is included in Crochet Now Issue 83.



Combine Your Crafts

For those of us who do more than crochet, it can be a lot of fun to combine our crafts! This lovely outfit is made up of a crocheted jumper from Crochet Now 80 along with a handmade dress from our sister title, Love Sewing magazine!



Fancy Filet

Filet crochet is a classic technique which uses small holes to create designs in flat crochet. This baby blanket is a perfect example - the heart pattern is ideal for beginners. Find the pattern inside Crochet Society 26.



Amazing Amigurumi

I've met a few crocheters who are scared to try amigurumi because they think it'll be too hard, but really it's just double crochet at its heart! Give it a go, you might be surprised - and you can make this super-cute Bedtime Bear from Your Crochet & Knitting Issue 33!



Put A Spike In It

Break up blocks of colour in your crochet using spike stitch! It's one of those stitches that looks really impressive but is actually quite easy to do - once you learn how, you'll want to add spike stitches to all your makes. If you want a little extra help, try this pattern from Crochet Society, which includes a full video tutorial.



Joined-up Thinking

We've all been there. You make a million lovely little squares for a blanket and then the time comes to join them together and suddenly you want to do absolutely anything but sew up this project! There are some easy ways to make joining the pieces for your blanket a breeze - you'll find them in the Encyclopedia of Crochet, along with this beautiful blanket pattern.



Going Loopy

Make a fabulous fur effect with loop stitch! This quick and easy pattern is perfect for beginners - you'll find it along with a range of must-make designs in our Adorable Animals book.



Leave Me Hanging

There's been a growing trend of crochet wall hangings in the past couple of years, and it shows no sign of slowing! This is a brilliant way to add a touch of colour to your space and you can swap them out with the seasons. Find our lotus design in Crochet Now issue 78.



Switch It Up

Yarn substitution can be a wonderful way to get creative without too much extra effort. Simply swapping the yarn used can create a range of different results - like this blanket from Your Crochet & Knitting Issue 8, shown in 4-ply solid yarn as well as a dappled DK.



That's A Wrap!

How many ways can you wrap a scarf or shawl? Sometimes you don't have to make something new - just find a new way to wear something you already have! This is one of my favourite ways to wrap a wide stole - covering the shoulders and showing off the stitch pattern. Find this design in Crochet Now issue 79.


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