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I think CraftWorld is a welcome escape from the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Unlike other social media sites, it is designed purely to indulge in crafting. There are lots of groups here created by crafters, some aimed specifically at elements of crafting which appeal to some and maybe not to others. There is, I believe, something for everyone ...... and if you haven't come across a group to suit you, why not think of creating one? And if you do, be sure to invite me along. I love to spend time designing 3D projects and learning new card techniques. My passion for paper and all things papercrafting has grown along with my crafting stash over the years. I am now a design team member for and look forward to creating content to engage with you, such as challenges and giveaways. If you follow me here, I shall be sharing lots of ideas for card making and 3D projects. I have a YouTube Channel I intend to share some video tutorials on this site which will be exclusive to CraftWorld subscribers only.